Andromeda was this kitten’s original name, but has been changed to Sirius because we learned she is a HE!

Andromeda’s mother Bellatrix gave birth to three kittens on Thursday, April 25 around 1:30pm. Sadly one kitten died the next day, possibly because Bellatrix had layed on it. It was after 5pm on Friday evening when we learned of the dead kitten, so we asked the foster mom to take Bellatrix to the emergency vet immediately. (We had recently had two other momma cats that had been very ill, not producing milk, and resulting in a kitten death.) It turned out that Bellatrix still had a kitten inside her, so an emergency C-section was performed. The uterus was becoming necrotic, so this surgery probably saved both Bellatrix and the new kitten named Andromeda/Sirius. Without the death of this little one’s littermate, we might not have gotten Bellatrix to the vet in time!

Adopted 10.16.19

I have a tabby cat hiding in my black coat!
My baby picture: May 29, 2019

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