Sky was part of two litters of kittens who were turned over to Pet Paw-see by their owner. They were well socialized when they were young, so they are all very friendly kittens!

Sky is sweet but feisty. You know how they say girls are made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”? Well, Miss Sky certainly has the spice part down pat! She loves to play and only has time to cuddle for a moment or two before wanting to get back to the action. She’d probably love to be adopted with one of the other kittens she came in with so she always has a play partner (Panda, Clover, Quinn, Quigley, Kieran, Quade & Pandora). This pretty little lady appears to have some Siamese in her lineage.

As of 6/15/2021, Sky is approximately 9 weeks old.

She gets along great with kids, dogs, and other cats!

ADOPTED 9/10/21!

This is my original kitten picture! My how I have changed in just a few short weeks!


Pet Details

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