Photo taken Jan 4 2020

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….SUPER SNARF!

If you’ve been by Petco during kitty playtime lately, you’re sure to have spotted a ginger blur bouncing around the cat habitat. That’s me, Snarf! Faster than a speeding bullet, cuter than you’ve ever seen before, able to leap tall cat trees in a single bound! Well, actually I’m still working diligently at that last one but I am getting close!

Once I wear myself out saving the world (and chasing all the kitty toys), I really love a pair of arms to settle into. If you know how to render some cat cuddling magic, I will let you cradle me like a baby as I start to purr, then…one long blink…two long blinks…and ZZZZ, I’m out!

Superman says there’s a little hero in all of us, so perhaps you can fill out my adoption application and be MY superhero? I would be the bestest sidekick ever!

My purr is set to automatic.

Snarf is a very active, sweet little boy. He’s good with both people and other cats. He was found in a yard near 5th Avenue South and 21st Street by the owner of the home. No details are known about where he comes from originally and no other kittens found. He’s spunky and busy. He is current on vaccinations and has been neutered.  Snarf has been in the care of the Pet Paw-see since October 27, 2019.

ADOPTED 1.26.2020


Snarf in late November 2019

Pet Details

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