Snowshoe was found as a stray in Shelby, Montana. A nice lady took Snowshoe in when she realized this beauty was pregnant. Snowshoe gave birth to six little Manx kittens, but unfortunately, two died right after birth for unknown reasons. Because of this, the lady did not feel comfortable caring for Snowshoes and her family, so she asked Pet Paw-see for help. Snowshoe remaining four kittens, Easton, Ernie, Emmie and Evie are all doing wonderfully in their new Pet Paw-see foster home!

Snowshoe is a good mom, currently nursing her kittens Ernie, Easton, Evie, and Emmie. Once the kittens are weaned, she’ll be spayed and will be looking for a loving home where she can be loved and pampered.

Adopted 5.11.19

Pet Details

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