Introducing Stuart, the charming brown tabby and white young adult male cat! 🐱 Stuart earned his name after a famous mouse character because he was the tiniest one when he was found, but he’s grown into a wonderful feline friend.

Stuart is not just cute; he’s also friendly and sociable. He gets along well with other cats, making him a great addition to multi-pet households. Plus, he has experience with a small, calm dog, so he’s adaptable to various furry companions.

But what truly sets Stuart apart is his loving nature. He’s a kitty who adores affection and will gladly snuggle up with you for some quality cuddle time. If you’re looking for a feline companion who’s both endearing and easygoing, Stuart might be the perfect match for your family.

Stuart is in a foster home  so contact us to meet him. 🏡💕

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