My name is Sundae. I was rescued on a Sunday afternoon way out on McIver Road. My guardian angel saw me, my mom and my littermates appear one day. She called for help and I was the first one in the trap. Sadly, my mom and my littermates have disappeared. I was not born a feral kitten, as I meowed allowed myself to be picked up and loved. After 2 days I actually purred! I feel safe, but I am working on my confidence. My foster mom will help me with this. Looking for a darling, lucky little girl? Here I am, just waiting for you.

Update 9.17.19: Sundae’s foster mom says, “Now she’s such an affectionate love bug. Loves cuddling and giving kisses.”

Adopted 10.16.19!

Photo taken late August 2019.

Pet Details

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