Sweet Pea

Sweet Senior

Miss Sweet Pea is the definition of amazing. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most amazing cat in the world, she is EASILY off the charts at 50. You may laugh and think we’re exaggerating, but we’re not joking. This beautiful dilute, long-haired calico is 15 years young, and is the sweetest, most outgoing, and most easygoing feline you’ll ever meet. She’s never met a stranger, and if you’ve got a lap for her to sit on, well then, you’re her newest best friend!

Her endearing personality is even more impressive given the trials and tribulations of her last few years. Sweet Pea was adopted from Pet Paw-see as a kitten and lived a very happy life with her owner until the owner passed away a few years ago. The owner’s daughter then took Sweet Pea in, but soon discovered her dogs did not like cats, so Sweet Pea began living in a spare bedroom to keep her safe from the household dogs. The daughter felt this was not a fair situation for Sweet Pea, so she was returned to the Pet Paw-see to find her perfect retirement home. So, as you can see, this pretty lady’s world has been turned upside down, but she still keeps loving on any human that looks her way.

Sweet Pea is looking for a quiet fur-ever home to live out the rest of her years in. She would prefer no small children, but other pets may be OK as long as they are calm and friendly to her. She will require frequent use of your lap for napping, and will most certainly distract from your responsibilities with her almost constant head nuzzling and purr fests. She is otherwise mellow, easygoing, and low maintenance.

We see many people look at our senior cats and say, “Awww, he/she is SO cute.” Then they see the age and go, “Oh….but he/she is so old.” And the person just keeps on walking without a second glance. It’s sad because senior cats are often the most deserving of a forever home despite their age. First of all, in most cases they’ve spent their whole lives being a faithful companion, only to be left sad and confused, wondering who is going to be there for them at the end. Secondly, guess what, us humans get old too! And what do we say? Age is just a number! Would you like to be left all alone in your final years? Probably not. Lastly, adopting a senior and giving it a loving home for the final years of its life can be an immensely rewarding experience. It’s almost as if the cat knows and loves and appreciates you all the more.

Sweet Pea is currently residing in a foster home. If you’d like to meet her, please fill out an application and call us to schedule a meet and greet. In fact, we dare you to, because we know after just a few minutes with her, you won’t be able to walk away without making arrangements to take her home with you, she really is THAT amazing of a cat.

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