Update 3.12.2021 The Brothers were adopted together!

Sycamore and Birch: A Tail of Two Brothers

We are the sweetest boys you will ever know, and we are desperately searching for our very own fur-ever home to put our roots down in. Unfortunately, we’re stuck in the habitat and can’t put in the legwork ourselves to find a family, so we’ve got to rely on our human friends with their keyboards and smartphones and social mew-dia and internets to tell everyone about us, so here goes…

Our story of resilience began almost a year ago when our mother gave birth to us and our four siblings under a trailer. Having been born outside where survival is not promised, but rather a daily struggle, made us naturally apprehensive towards humans and anything else scary (loud noises, new environments, quick movements, you name it…we admit, we were scaredy cats!).

Luckily though we were all rescued by Pet Paw-see and placed in a foster home where we started to learn that humans weren’t so bad after all. Slowly, one by one, we watched our siblings and mom get adopted. Then we moved into the PetSmart habitat in hopes that seeing our cute little faces in person would persuade the right family to adopt us. Transitioning to PetSmart was a culture shock for us and we were very, very fearful at first, but the Pet Paw-see volunteers worked with us tirelessly to get us used to our new digs and new people. We slowly started to feel more comfortable and ventured out of our hiding spots, seeking affection and befriending the other cats…but sadly, day after day, we would see all our cat friends get adopted over us.

Now we’ve grown leaps and bounds, both physically and confidence-wise. We no longer run and hide at the slightest thing; we welcome being held and petted, purring softly, wishing that this love could be coming from a forever family. We’ve grown from cute kittens to lanky teenage cats, and before you know it, we’ll be grown into handsome, respectable men … and then it will be kitten season again and we fear that we will continue to be overlooked for those adorable, innocent little kitten faces (we were also cute tiny kittens not too long ago, you know!).

Our transformation has been nothing short of a phoenix rising from the ashes, and we are yearning for the right family to recognize that, and see all the love we have to share! We are sweet, mellow, well-behaved, confident guys who are ready to get out of this habitat and learn what the love and comfort of our very own family and fur-ever home is like. Every night as we curl up alone, we wish for that coveted forever home where we can put down roots, and hope that someday soon, our wish will come true and we can curl up to sleep next to our forever human(s) instead.

Meet Sycamore and Birch at Petsmart!

Sycamore (left) and Birch
I’m a little more shy in this picture from December 26, 2020 with my brother Birch out front.
This is me in September 2020.
One of my cute baby pictures!
This is me in June 2020.

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