I was rescued with my three littermates from Cut Bank, MT and we were named after characters from the movie Zombieland.

Initially, we looked a little zombie-esque with boogered up eyes, but after getting cleaned up and receiving meds, we’re actually cute little buggers who are getting healthier every day! I’m a bona fide lovebug who adores human connection and cannot get enough cuddle time. Sometimes I’m so intent on getting affection I will even try to climb up on your face! Don’t worry, I’m not secretly a zombie trying to eat your brains…I just love SO hard I can’t help myself!

It would be pretty rad to find a forever home with one of my siblings. If you’re looking for two lovebugs, myself and my brother Columbus would be an ideal match, or if you’re looking for sweet and sassy, myself and one of my sisters (Wichita and Little Rock) would be the perfect combo.

If you’re smitten with our adorable little faces, call to schedule a meet and greet, and fill out an adoption application! Zombies need not apply.

Adopted 11.28.2020!

I had trouble with my eyes back in August.

Pet Details

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