Tellie: A Star is Born

Hello, I’m Tellie! I was found peeking in the windows of the television station looking for my 15 minutes of fame. I was hoping they’d do a missing cat segment on me, but they did me one better and reached out to Pet Paw-see to get me help. Now I’m really living the life–I have a warm, dry place to sleep and never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. I’m starting to think this indoor cat life is pretty awesome!

I’m an extroverted, confident boy who loves to meet new people. The second they open my door here at Petco, I practically shoot out of my cage to say hello and rub against their legs. I enjoy being petted and loved on but I can be a liiiittttle persnickety about where and how you pet me. Don’t worry though, if you choose me, I’ll help you figure out all the good spots to pet me and we’ll be friends in no time.

One of the best things I’ve discovered since I’ve been rescued is toy mice. I LOVE my mousies! If you swing by Petco during playtime you’ll probably see me hilariously hopping my way across the floor entertaining myself and my adoring fans with the mice and every other toy I can scrounge up!

Although I’m sure my handsome mug was meant for gracing the big screen, I’ll certainly settle for being the star of your home (and heart). If you’re interested in meeting me, call my talent scouts at Pet Paw-see and arrange for an audition to be my human! If you’re really lucky, maybe I’ll give you my paw-tograph 🐾!

Meet Tellie at Petco!

Tellie displays his friendliness with his upright tail.