My name means ‘treasure’, and I could be your treasure. I was found crying for help out in a field near the Frontier Inn.

One word describes my personality: joyful!  I have so much energy, and I love to play with all my toys, or just run as fast as I can through my house. I think I run faster when I jump up on my back legs and hop first. I like to pounce on my toys like a fox. When you come home from work, I will be so excited to see you! And I will be on your lap as soon as you sit down, because I love to snuggle and purr and give you that slow blink. I have short, thick fur and I have been told I have beautiful gold swirls on my back ( I can’t see them).

Adopted 11.24.2020!

This is me at a Petsmart adoption event on October 17, 2020. I’m ready for Halloween AND my forever home.



This is me in early September.
I was so scared and hungry when I was originally found. So happy someone helped me!

Pet Details

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