In the past two weeks we have had four beautiful lives touched by our program. This started with two cats hit by cars, Baylynn trying to survive in a trailer court and today, Tracy.

Tracy was found on a property this morning laying on a persons drive way in Tracy, Montana. The Good Samaritan brought Tracy in her house and contacted us stating the kitty was found injured however still walking (wobbly), eating a little however not drinking or going potty. She would purr and greet the person entering the room, obviously a persons pet. Tracy was taken to our Vet and emergency care was initiated.

It was determined that she had an infected uterus (having not been spayed), damage to her rectum and obviously her tail (as it was degloved). She was severely injured.

We received good news her rectum was intact. Moving forward as a catheter was being placed to start the multiple surgeries needed, her body crashed. The definite high and low moments in animal rescue can change within seconds.

Tracy is no longer in pain but what a horrific end. Was it a car or an animal who inflicted this damage? For all who feel cats need to be allowed outside to free-roam, look hard at Tracy’s picture. I challenge you to make a change.

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