Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

If you come to the PetSmart habitat, I’m sure to be one of the first to greet you with my polite little meows and enchanting green eyes. I was rescued in July 2020 from a bad situation and have been living at the PetSmart habitat almost ever since! Can you believe no one has taken me home yet?!

We’re all a bit befuddled on that one. I am a petite, sweet tabico (tabby/calico) that is likely between 6 months to one year old. Although I may be a little older and wiser, I still have a LOT of kitten left in me and really love to snuggle and play. I’ve definitely got a dash of spice in me too—I’m not afraid to hog the toys or be assertive with the other kitties in the habitat. I’d probably prefer to be the only cat in my fur-ever home so I can be the boss babe, but I might make an exception for another feline with the right personality.

Other than that, I’d adore just about any home that showers me with love and affection. Lots of toys wouldn’t hurt either 😉.

It’d be a shame to let any more of my kittenhood go to waste in this lonely habitat, so what do you say? Let’s blow this popsicle stand!

Adopted 11.24.2020!

Here I am “Pretty in Pink,” enjoying this comfy spot at Petsmart.

Pet Details

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