Loving Mom

I was doing my best to survive on my own, finding scraps where I could in a Great Falls neighborhood. A nice person started feeding me and realized I had been pregnant so she started looking for my babies. After a bit of searching, I was found with my kittens in a backyard shed. This nice lady brought all of us to the warmth and safety of the Pet Paw-see. My kittens are Taylor, Tony, Riley, and Alex. We are all looking for forever homes where we will always know that we have plenty of food for our tummies, warm beds and lots of love.

A little more about me: I am the sweetest cat. I love to be petted and brushed. I like to be able to see my humans and do not like being too far away from them. I am really unique in that I have extra toes. Humans call that trait “polydactyl.” I should win an award for Mother of the Year, as I am so patient and good with my kittens. However, sometimes I like to sit up in the cat tree to escape my demanding babies.

Pet Details

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