Meet Vixen, a resilient and spirited older kitten who, despite a rough start, has embraced life with enthusiasm.

Found alongside his brother on rural property, Vixen is no ordinary stray – he’s bold, not skittish, and fearlessly social with people, dogs, and other cats. His street-smart survival skills showcase his resilience. Vixen’s energy is boundless, especially during playtime where he joyfully chases toys with abandon. This adventurous spirit transitions seamlessly to moments of warmth, as he loves snuggling once playtime concludes.

With a penchant for people food, he’s a charming food thief, though cat treats aren’t his preference. Currently in a foster home, Vixen seeks an adopter ready for a lively companion, but due to his energetic nature, a home without children under six is recommended for everyone’s safety.

Vixen is pictured here at his foster home on December 31, 2023.

Pet Details

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