🐾 Web the Brave Tuxedo Cat 🐾

Meet Web, a resilient and courageous male tuxedo cat with a heart as bold as his unique markings. This handsome fellow found his way into our lives through an unexpected adventure, slipping through someone’s dog door seeking refuge. Despite facing tough times, Web’s spirit remains unbroken.

Web’s previous owners were unable to welcome him back, but that hasn’t dampened his spirit. He’s currently on the path to recovery, healing from multiple wounds incurred during his brave battles. Despite the challenges he’s faced, Web is proving to be a fighter with a resilient spirit.

One of Web’s distinctive features is his adorable little bob tail, adding a touch of charm to his already captivating personality. His sleek tuxedo coat only enhances his dashing appearance, making him a true feline fashionista.

Web is on the lookout for a loving and understanding forever home where he can continue his journey of healing and rediscovery. If you’re ready to open your heart to a brave and charming companion, consider giving Web the second chance he truly deserves.

Let’s give Web the happy ending he’s been waiting for! If you’re interested in adopting this courageous tuxedo cat, call us to meet Web at our boarding facility. Together, we can make Web’s story one of triumph and love. 🏡💖 #AdoptWeb #ResilientCat #TuxedoLove

Click the link below to see how a volunteer is working with Web to help him recover from his tough times:
Web being groomed

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