Whiskers Elsa

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Some kitties are worth melting for…

Hi! I’m Whiskers Elsa, and I like warm hugs! Much like my namesake from the Disney movie Frozen, I am a beautiful little princess, but don’t worry, I won’t turn your home into an ice kingdom. I will definitely melt your heart, though!

I am a gorgeous tortie girl who found myself all alone in the world until a kind soul took me in and brought me to the Pet Paw-see for help. As they say in Frozen, “Throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best.” That’s the truth for me! My foster momma says I’ve blossomed into a lovebug who just adores lying next to you on the couch for pets and warming your feet at night. I also get along great with my foster cat siblings and love to run and jump after feather toys. They’re my favorite!

I’m a very talkative little lady with a big purr too! I’m just keeping my vocal cords warmed up so I can belt out the Frozen soundtrack with my new furrever family 😉. Could that family be you?! Are you the one I’ve been waiting for all of my life? If you think so, call the Pet Paw-see to arrange a meet and greet because I am dying to meet you. Adopted February 15, 2020!

Pet Details

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