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I was rescued with my three littermates from Cut Bank, MT and we were named after characters from the movie Zombieland.

Initially, we looked a little zombie-esque with boogered up eyes, but after getting cleaned up and receiving meds, we’re actually cute little buggers who are getting healthier every day! I’m a very energetic girl that likes to go full throttle, all day long, until I’m too tired to stand anymore. After I wear myself out, I will happily collapse into your lap so you can soak up the kitten cuddles. Fair warning though, I like to practice my zombie-killing skills on feet, so I would do best in a home where I will not seriously injure someone if I stage a sneak attack and trip you up!

It would be pretty rad to find a forever home with one of my siblings. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, myself and one of my brothers (Columbus and Tallahassee) would be ideal!

If you’re smitten with our adorable little faces, call to schedule a meet and greet, and fill out an adoption application! Zombies need not apply.

Adopted October 14, 2020!

Pet Details

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