🐾 Meet Yoshi! 🐾

Yoshi is an adorable tortoiseshell female kitten with a unique face – one side is beautifully tortoiseshell, while the other side is a mix of gray and orange. She, along with her siblings, had a rough start, but their clever mama, Ayra, guided their rescuers to them.

Yoshi is the definition of a playful explorer. She’s always ready for new adventures and discovering the world around her. Currently, she’s thriving in a foster home with lots of other feline friends and even a cat-friendly dog!

Please note, for Yoshi’s safety and the well-being of any potential adopters, we are looking for families without children under the age of six. This ensures a safe and harmonious environment for both Yoshi and your little ones. If you’re ready to welcome this playful tortoiseshell beauty into your home, contact us today! 🐱❤️ #AdoptDontShop

Pet Details

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