This little tabby (top left in the photo below) was living with her mom and at least 2 siblings near the Ivy (formerly Missouri River Manor). Her mom, Scottish Fold Iliana, was spotted hanging out in some outbuildings and brush piles. A game camera captured her with a little family of three kittens. As of October 23, Zola, her sister Ziva (bottom right) another sibling had been trapped and re-united with Iliana in foster care. See the movies below of the family being reunited.

Adopted December 8, 2020!

From living outside trying to survive in the cold, to a nice warm home! Beautiful Zola found her furrever home. Now she has a warm place to sleep and full tummy. Thank you March and Chris for adopting this sweet girl from us.🐾🐾🐈💞
Here’s mama with her three kittens. As of October 17, we pray that the little white baby is still alive and can be trapped soon!

Pet Details

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