Special Needs

Special needs cats and kittens are often labeled “unadoptable” due to either physical or emotional problems.

Often animals are born with birth defects or injured in an accident and require medical care either for a short time or sometimes for the remainder of their lives. Some of the animals in our rescue program were abandoned, neglected, or harmed by humans and it takes them a while to learn to trust again. Some don’t look pretty from their disability but they are all precious to our volunteers and we strive to give them the care and love they need to have quality-filled lives.

The Pet Paw-see has shown that it is possible to help special needs cats and kittens live good lives.

Thankfully, we do get requests to adopt these amazing animals. Many potential adoptive homes are looking for a special needs animal to become a part of their family. Luckily the people who do take a chance on adopting a special needs animal realize their love and compassion will be returned ten-fold over the lifetime of that pet.

The joy of seeing an animal with issues turn around and enjoy life is a feeling that is beyond words.

Please consider adopting a special needs cat or kitten.If you have a safe environment for one of our animals with special needs, talk with a Pet Paw-see volunteer. We are happy to give you as much information as possible to assist you in providing a loving furrever home to one of our precious kitties.  While it sometimes isn’t easy and often takes time, it does happen with the right furrever family. We have seen it happen many times with our rescued animals. Special needs animals often don’t know there is anything wrong with them, but they do know they are very special to us!

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Our featured special needs kitties are waiting for a super special home!

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